Mayfield Garden after four glasses of prosecco

Photos taken at Mayfield Garden, Oberon NSW – one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in the world.


Dear Margaret…

Tomorrow it will be 12 months since my mum passed away.

I needed to feel a sense of her today so I went digging for a pile of letters I had tucked away.

Letters that span 30 years from when I first left home to come and study journalism at Mitchell College in Bathurst.

It wasn’t the content of these letters that was important because most of them are just filled with the day to day stuff that make up a life.

What struck me was the power of pen on paper and how it feels so many years later to hold something in my hand that she’d held in hers.

There’s something very deliberate, very calming about the idea of sitting down at a table with pen and pad and taking the time to write a letter…

with such beautiful hand writing

and don’t even get me started on Dad’s…

You can say things in a letter that aren’t so easily spoken…

I love you too…and always will.

Ever feel like you’re just hanging in there….

You’re not alone. A big work week looms…

So I did the river walk this morning to clear my head and something unexpected happened.

Far from anywhere, or anyone, I was surrounded by the smell of curry.

The delicious smell of wild fennel drying along the path.

And while I worried about the week ahead, I took a moment to look behind…

and realise how far I’d come.

May your week be full of unexpected surprises xx

Is it wrong to have two butchers? The confession.

Because I do. I’ve got two favourite butchers in Bathurst so I need to play this one ve-ry carefully. The last thing I want to do is upset one. Both my butchers are old school butchers, you know the ones who have little corner shops that have been there for ever. They’re a dwindling breed and I’d be devastated if my guys closed up shop.

So I drive out of my way to support them. And this is why. I needed some lamb shanks…and as Butch is my lamb and beef guy as opposed to Jim who’s m’ pork and osso bucco man, I head to Butch’s. And this is why I love Butch. Because I come home with this…

and this…

And as I’m standing at my bench, making my soup, looking at all this beautiful luscious redness beside me I’m thinking… I have to share this. So this is for you xx

Can I also point out that neither Butch nor Jim look anything like the “Personal Butcher” above. If anyone has one of those I could be tempted to defect. Nah…I’m just messing with you boys.

Butch: South Bathurst Butcher, Cnr Rocket & Havannah Streets, Bathurst
Jim: Little Acres, Cnr Lambert & Stewart Streets, Bathurst.

The art of seeing

Yesterday I was impressing myself with the act of seeing, really seeing. High on my own success (I hope you can see the tongue in my cheek) I was further inspired (read brought back down to earth) when I clicked on to Pia Jane Bijkerk’s beautiful blog. Pia, whose own work is divine, was featuring the work of Mary Jo Hoffman. Mary is new to blogging, just like me. This is her gorgeous blog and for me this is a lovely example of someone really seeing…and teasing out a beauty that is only revealed upon that closer, second look.

Mary’s project, to take one photo every day this year of gathered natural objects that she finds nearby, is a great example of setting yourself a project and giving your creativity a clear focus, much like Brooks Jensen talks about in his fantastic little book Letting Go of the Camera.

Beauty is all around us. The art is seeing it. x

Too late you mist it

I discovered a new walk during the week. A grassy track along the Macquarie River that I never new existed. A few short minutes from the centre of town. And it was there that I learnt my first rule of blogging: always take your camera. So I returned this morning with camera in hand to try and capture everything I’d seen yesterday, the Morandi landscape bathed in mist. But I was too late. What I did find was a bright blue Bathurst morning.

It’s amazing what you see, when you walk, with the actual intention of seeing.

Stalking Aaron Hopper

The boys have just uploaded another video of Aaron doing what he does best and I had to share it. Two in one day. I know I know … I’m spoiling you but what’s a girl to do. Aaron played this at one of the recent Bathurst Cabarets and it brought the house down. Imagine a large darkened venue, a single spot and this…

And Aaron…I promise I’ll leave you alone now. Don’t want things to get creepy 🙂