Bathurst and a gentle tale of two cycling tragics

Steve and I are not part of the Bathurst lycra brigade. I’ll say that up front. But today we decided to don our helmets and go for a bike ride. Get away from the computer, get out of the house, get out of town.  A little journey into the countryside…

And where else would two eager cyclists go but to our local distillery!

So we pedalled and we walked … and we pedalled … and we walked … and we walked and laughed and pedalled some more … and after 5 kilometres of huffing and puffing we arrived weak and weary and ready for a shot (or 5) of fortification.

Now I don’t know whether it was from watching the rather dishy Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen during the week but there was something rather lovely
about being greeted by fellow Scot and resident distiller Ian Glen.

It might have been the first wee nip of finger lime infused vodka or the second wee nip
of dry gin infused with five Australian native botanicals (finger lime, lemon myrtle, river mint, wattle seed and iron bark)…but let’s just say we had a lovely warm glow.

As did everything around us.

Of course it could have been the recent rush of oxygen too.

And when I say wee nips, I do mean wee. I wouldn’t like you to think that Ian was plying us with alcohol but we did enjoy the wild lime limoncello, and the apple schnapps and the grappa, oh and the choca-mocha cream liqueur.

The lovely thing about all Ian and Bev’s products is that they’re sourced from local suppliers and I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s taken me four years to visit this extraordinary addition to our town.

And I’m even more embarrassed by the astonishing lack of fitness we displayed today, especially on the long journey home, all five kilometres of it.

Even the sheep were embarrassed 🙂

Stone Pine Distillery is literally five minutes drive from the centre of Bathurst – considerably longer if you are unfit and on a bike.




Another confession … I’m in love with my hairdresser’s doors

but I’ll come to that in a moment. I just want to linger here a moment

Please don’t make me leave. It’s cold outside.

Let me stay a moment longer. We can pretend we’re in Paris …

… walking alleyways we’ve never walked before

… arm in arm … exploring a city we’ve never seen before …

… pretending we have our own little attic apartment …

… that overlooks a big factory

… but nearby …

wait for it …

… is a romantic little bistro where we rendezvous in the rain

because Bathurst Paris, just wouldn’t be Bathurst Paris if you didn’t have a good rendezvous in the rain

A little corner where there’s a fire and it’s warm and everyone knows our name.

A little corner where there’s always room for one more. I don’t mean that in a menage et trois kind of way ha ha .. you know what I mean 🙂

Have a snuggly weekend my lovelies. xx

Thanks Wavelength for letting me drool over your doors and The Hub for always making us, and everyone else, feel so welcome.

OMG! The bookkeeper’s coming!

Was feeling a wee bit bleary after a wee bit too much wine last night. Woke up. Remembered… @#*%! The bookkeeper’s coming at 9!

So I THREWWW on a scarf but it did little to disguise the fact that I was still very rusty around the edges.

Nice try though hey?

Why can’t I ever find anything in this house!!  (mad banshee voice)  Why doesn’t anyone put anything back where it belongs!!

Knowing full well that I am BY FAR the worst culprit at said misdemeanours

I’d love to be a tidier person. I really would.

But I get distracted. By .. stuff …

and my brain just wants to go off in a zillion different directions

and then I spend 10 minutes turning the house upside down searching for my glasses only to walk into the bathroom … face myself in the mirror…and see two pairs perched on my head.

Thank you Marie at Clarke’s Somerset Orchard on Conrod Straight at Mount Panorama for letting me take a wander around the orchard with camera in hand and turn your peaceful little part of the world into The Rant of the Mad Banshee Woman. I’m not quite sure how that happened. But I feel so much better. And thanks Denise for emptying my trays. What would I do without you (and Wendy before you) xx

Have a lovely organised week.

I too, shall try 🙂

Don’t you just love spontaneous invitations

It would have been easy to stay at home today …. a busy morning … but then the phone rang.  Come for a walk. Come for a curry. Break the shackles…

Get out of town

I’ll ring you

We’re on our way

Don’t wait for me. I’ll catch you up…

The light is so beautiful

The colours so …

The afternoon so…


What a great here and now.

Thank you xx

Who dumped a bucket of yellow in my backyard?

It’s a beautiful singular moment in autumn.

It happens after a cold clear night. The leaves have been frosted hard and when the morning sun hits them they snap off the tree and for a good half hour or so, they drop, like kamikaze butterflies to the ground. And when they’ve finished it looks like this…

“So, honey, I was thinking of recarpeting the garden yellow.”

While I miss being close to the coast (see the previous post), I do love living in Bathurst with its four distinct seasons.

The only thing is…

This little display makes me realise which of those seasons is just around the corner.

Time to break out the passion killers!

Bathurst and a search for turquoise

I grew up on the coast

and every so often I get a yearning for salt water … salt water and turquoise.

When you live three hours from the sea, it’s not so easy to find. But it’s there…

Even if it gets a bit moody and sombre at times … it’s there

Turquoise makes me dream of exotic locations…

And camping holidays shared with old friends …

… holidays that made me see the world from a completely new perspective.

I’ve got to find me an ocean somewhere soon!

Photos taken in Keppel Street Bathurst. Thanks to The Naked Bud and Goods and Chattels for sharing your windows 🙂

The road to Bathurst and a case for going slowly slowly

As I now have a growing international following (of 3) I thought I should give you, my new overseas friends, some context of where Bathurst lies in the scheme of things. So pull up a comfy chair, pour yourselves a drink and allow yourselves to feel a little bit special…even perhaps – a little bit exclusive…because this … is for you.

Obviously if you don’t know where Sydney is, you’re stuffed.

Now. I have been driving this road for 30 years…and in all that time I’ve rarely taken a side road. Anxious to get home. Anxious to get to Sydney. Anxious to get from Point A to B – you know the drill.

But yesterday, after an emotional family funeral in Sydney and in the car by myself, I decided to go “slowly slowly”, which my sister recently told me is how their Turkish tour guide described walking leisurely. “Today we go slowly slowly.” The group introduced him to the word “meander” which he apparently jumped ship for, but me, I’m sticking with slowly slowly.

So let us now go slowly slowly through the Blue Mountains, one hell of a mountain range that burnt out many an explorer in its time.

Through the orchards of Bilpin…

…down those secret laneways (actually this is someone’s driveway but you get the idea)

…past curious gates for which I’d love a clear translation??

…and out on to the hard ridges of Mount Banks and the Blue Mountains National Park.

…till I popped out at Lithgow and thought just one more….so I made the short detour up to  Hassans Walls Lookout (another undiscovered secret until recently!) and arrived just before sunset.

And while I got home three hours later than I was intending … and completely forgot that I then had to attend two hours of parent teacher interviews for my son which went though till 9.30 … I didn’t care. A little bit of slowly slowly is important when we live in a fastly fastly world. x