I can’t get this performance out of my head …

And I can’t help thinking this is the start of something special.

This young girl, Karise Eden, was apparently living in a refuge 12 months ago.

A week ago she won “The Voice”, a singing competition on a national Australian TV network. Seal was her coach.

When you’ve got a spare 5 minutes sit back and tell me this doesn’t blow your mind.

Karise Eden singing Stay with me Baby

And if you want more …



Nothing’s Real but Love

I’ve been driving the boys insane all week, wandering the house, trying to screech out my own version of Stay With Me Baby.

Just had to share the joy. x

Do you agree? Is she something special or not?

Photo courtesy The Music Network


I’ve been to par-a-dise but I’ve never been to …

Sorry. I’m being naughty. I’ve just planted the singularly worst song in the universe in your brain for the next couple of days.

But waddya gonna do 🙂

It struck me during the week that I’ve lived in the Bathurst region (in Australia) for about
25 years and while we’ve been lucky enough to travel to some far flung places,
there are spots closer to home that I’ve never visited.

For instance… Abercrombie House (pick yourselves up off the floor local friends)
a Tudor Gothic/Scottish Baronial mansion about 3 minutes (3 MINUTES – I KNOW!)
from the centre of the city and open (ahem) every Sunday I believe.

The … (by all accounts) … gob smacking Kanangra Walls. Just the thing for a
destination: here&now girl who hates heights.

And I have never driven the historic Bridle Track from Bathurst to Hill End.
– Feedback from readers: apparently this road has been cut by a massive earthslide.
It could become a two parter 😦

And when I look at this photo I’m thinking there might be a very good reason for that.

So… two things….

1. I’m setting myself a challenge. I’m going to get out there and see these things
and I shall report back in due course.

and …

2. I’m interested to know what’s on your list. What places are on your doorstep that you’ve never visited? And I’m not just talking Bathurst here. I want your secrets – from anywhere in the world.

And I’m going to add a little sauce. I’m going to set out to do a little sketch something like these….

Refuge Beach, 2011

Capertee Valley, 2008

… and I will randomly select a winner from anyone who comments below and send you a little print of something I see.

So here it is.

The “I’ve Never Been To … But Soon Will … Challenge.”

“Ooh I’ve been to Georgia and California, oh, anywhere I could run
Took the hand of a preacherman and we made love in the sun”

Honestly. What were they thinking.

Abercrombie House pic courtesy Fotki. Bridal Track pics courtesy A Therapy for Pain. Kangangra Walls pic courtesy Grant Dixon Photography

…in which she scuttles out from under her rock to discover a gorgeous new eatery in Bathurst

I swear, sometimes I think I work in a cave and live under a rock.

Had a call today to join some friends for lunch at The Wholefood Kitchen.

“The what?”

“The Wholefood Kitchen. It’s been open 3 months.”

Reaaallly?” said the tapped in, switched on, destination: here&now girl.

So I arrive and here are the girls sitting in old school floral armchairs sipping their chai in front of a fire (not a wood burning one).


At this point I would really love to show you the pretty, old school, mixed up plates that our delicious food was served upon but I was so busy tucking in to what was on those pretty, old school, mixed up plates, I forgot.

… but this kind of sums up the whole ethos that Nykki and Leah are trying to instill
in their little cafe.

Home grown …

Home made … with lots of love.

Healthy… and inspiring. And very delicious.

Now here’s the other thing. The girls are sourcing as much of their produce as they can from (nearly) right next door. And I did know about this. I’ve got the blog post to prove it.

The Bathurst Wholefood Co-op is really going from strength to strength.

We’re very lucky to have so many people in Bathurst volunteering their time
to help make it a success.

… and without sounding corny there is a real sense of love in both these shops.

It makes shopping joyful instead of soul-less supermarketing.

So my friends, you have no excuses now. You too, can be part of the wholefood
experience happening in the arcade next to (hand over mouth mumbling) Coles.

The Bathurst Wholefood Kitchen is open Thursday and Fridays from 9-3 and Saturdays from 9-2. The Co-op is open the same days, similar times and they’ve just added Wednesday openings too. Their Facebook page is not a bad way to keep in touch with what’s happening.

I have to get out more. This is embarassing.

Winter sweet moments in a garden of grey

Winter is doing her thing here in Australia. Last week we had snow in the high country.

Our garden is bare … sticky, stalky, exposed.

In amidst the seeming nothingness there is one little bush that you could easily overlook

… but look a little bit closer …

…because in the depths of winter, when everything else is sleeping … she reveals herself

Chimonanthus praecox

Winter sweet.

…quietly, unobtrusively…

Close your eyes. Her scent is intoxicating.

Like a friend who is not immediately beautiful …

but who, with time, becomes so special to you

that just a glimpse of her will light you up … even on the coldest of winter days.

Missing friends and moving (or not moving) a daughter

So at the end of a busy week we’re half way into a three hour drive to Sydney (in torrential rain) to help our daughter move residences at uni when we get the call ….

“You know how I had to move out on the 17th?”


“Well (giggle) it turns out it’s next month.”

Only a mother could love it.

However all was not completely lost. We’d missed one of our bestie’s birthdays last weekend so we thought we’d catch up with he and his lovely wife.

Only they’d gone to Tasmania for the weekend.

But their beautiful son took us in anyway.

And even though they weren’t there, they were every where.

All leather and wood and russets and warmth.

And maybe if they had been there I wouldn’t have noticed this …

or this.

We had time to see a most talented friend in her latest play 

and time to be together as a family which happens less frequently thesedays …

So even though everything kind of went wrong … it went kind of right too.

And we have an excuse to return.

On the 17th.



(apoplectic spasm)


Jump in. I’ll take you to the picnic races

It’s a couple of hours drive away … we’ll turn up the music

… and if we hurry we’ll make the first race.

Shall we have a bet?

I’ll have a champagne !

…. or six.

WHY did I wear high heels?

That band …  Bears with Guns?

They are fan-tastic. I mean, seriously good.

Hang on … I’ve just got to take these shoes off for a minute.

Oh come onnnn …. we’ve got to see at least one race.


( STOP )

Did I mention my feet?


So beautiful …

I think I’ve got shoe envy.