Quiet thoughts on a frozen friday morning

We’ve had a week of great sadness…

Sadness that we’ve been carrying for months

The sadness of losing a dear friend

A joyous man who loved life more than most.

We’ve brought our little girl back from India a couple of days early.

She arrives today.

I’m hoping Steve will light a fire tonight.

We’ll break out the red wine …

… and treasure our here and now a little bit more than we would normally do

because that’s what he would want.

Hope you do the same xox


7 thoughts on “Quiet thoughts on a frozen friday morning

  1. Beautiful words and photography – you should sell your photos as downloadable prints. I emailed my mum a link to your site and she has been raving about your wonderful work – you have one eager customer waiting already 🙂

    • Hannah thanks so much you lovely thing. It’s funny you say it. I’ve been playing with a set of postcards – just an idea. But I hadn’t thought about selling them as downloadable prints. Tell your mum I’ll try not to disappoint 🙂

      • She says thank you! I’m thinking of doing the same with my own photography at some stage, so it will be interesting to see how you go about doing it – I haven’t got a clue about selling things online!

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