So here we are.

In the past (some of it far distant) I’ve worked as a journalist, lunch time news reader, kids show host, radio copywriter, publications manager and television arts reporter but for the last 8 years I’ve had my own graphic design business Red Moon Creative ( website coming soon – I know, it’s ludicrous! )

Married to a farm boy, living in country Australia, I’ve also done my fair share of get down and dirty farm jobs.

I’m proud to say, so have my two children. My daughter has since run away to study fashion and textiles in Sydney and my son – well he’s stuck with us for a little while yet.

As you can see I don’t take myself very seriously.

Destination: here&now is the excuse I need to lead a more creative life when I’ve got some downtime. It’s making me get out and about, it’s making me look at and appreciate things in a new way. I’m hooked and I’m loving it.

My hope is … that you’ll enjoy it too.

My dream is … that this little blog might, in time, take me to new destination: here&nows where I can write and photograph the sort of offbeat pieces I’m trying to do in my home town.

Enjoy the journey. Who knows where we’ll finish up.

Margaret x


13 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Margaret!
    Just stopping by from BYW and I love your blog “voice”! I am working on my homework…(a little late) and needed some inspiration, thank you for that! Your pic is beautiful! Your smile says that you are genuine and I can just hear an infectious laugh!
    Best on blogging and with Red Moon Creative!
    PS – I have a disclaimer…I am new to blogging! 😉

  2. Hi Margaret. Also popping in from BYW, also doing homework belatedly and keep getting distracted by the many interesting blogs, like yours, I keep popping into. I like your About and lovely warm picture. I also really like “My Dream” – if you ever find yourself in Spain, please come and visit. Our lives seem to have followed similar paths. I lived and worked as a journalist in UK, South African and now live on an old Spanish farm but we don’t do any farming. I have not even launched my blog yet (trying to do the course, write copy, and just get some knowledge of the whole wordpress thing is certainly keeping me stimulated and busy). Anyway, it’s about interesting cooks in interesting kitchens all over the world and as part of my homework this week I’d thought to try and create a bit of a build-up over on my Facebook page . Happy Blogging. Mandy

  3. just popping in to say hi from BYW, I blog from small-town-Australia too, lovely to meet you Margaret.

  4. Hi Margaret! My greeting comes from Bulgaria (which is pretty far away from where you are now, just across the world, actually:) I like your blog and your pictures in particular! They fly me to another universe – of sun, light and colours. Thanks for sharing those nice shots!

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