A tale of unexpected visitors, creepy stalking parents and a gentle friend who makes guitars.

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I can’t get this performance out of my head …

And I can’t help thinking this is the start of something special.

This young girl, Karise Eden, was apparently living in a refuge 12 months ago.

A week ago she won “The Voice”, a singing competition on a national Australian TV network. Seal was her coach.

When you’ve got a spare 5 minutes sit back and tell me this doesn’t blow your mind.

Karise Eden singing Stay with me Baby

And if you want more …



Nothing’s Real but Love

I’ve been driving the boys insane all week, wandering the house, trying to screech out my own version of Stay With Me Baby.

Just had to share the joy. x

Do you agree? Is she something special or not?

Photo courtesy The Music Network

Stalking Aaron Hopper

The boys have just uploaded another video of Aaron doing what he does best and I had to share it. Two in one day. I know I know … I’m spoiling you but what’s a girl to do. Aaron played this at one of the recent Bathurst Cabarets and it brought the house down. Imagine a large darkened venue, a single spot and this…

And Aaron…I promise I’ll leave you alone now. Don’t want things to get creepy 🙂