… in which she discovers the gentle art of random weaving and decides that she’s not quite the basket case she thought she was.

It has been a long time since I’ve had that lovely feeling of being lost in the moment…

Completely absorbed in a simple pleasure

… facing only the simplest of choices

… sitting quietly

… engrossed in the gentle art of making something.

But that’s exactly what I was lucky enough to do this week at a random weaving workshop with south coast artist Harriet Goodall.

Throughout the preceeding week the boys (and various friends – yes you know who you are) had been teasing me relentlessly about my forthcoming basket weaving workshop.

There had been plenty of snickers.

Well you can snicker all you like my lovelies…

because what I knew and you didn’t, is that Harriet Goodall is not your average
basket weaver.

I knew a little bit about her through mutual friends who put together this video for Country Style magazine and when I heard that Sophie Hansen at Mandagery Creek Venison had snagged her to do a workshop, I jumped at the opportunity.

What I didn’t realise, is that Sophie has this fabulous background as a magazine editor and now showcases local producers in her own blog Local is Lovely. She is also a beautiful cook and spent the day – ever so quietly in the background – preparing lots of deliciousness for us all to enjoy.

So it was a good recipe for a great day.

Good host, good food, good company, in a pretty location surrounded
by snow covered hills.

But back to our weaving ….

What I love about Harriet’s work is its organic nature.

It’s relaxed and loose.

And in a world full of mass produced plastic and rubbish, the idea of learning how to take pieces of nature and craft them into something functional is very appealing.

And sure enough, as promised, within a few short hours we had all produced our own unique baskets from bits of flotsam on the floor.

I had this vague idea that I might create a woven fairy castle to hide somewhere
in the garden …

A fairy castle with its own deck.

I’m not quite sure what I ended up with.

But I had the most beautiful day, lost in the moment, creating it

… and I think the fairies will still approve.


…in which she scuttles out from under her rock to discover a gorgeous new eatery in Bathurst

I swear, sometimes I think I work in a cave and live under a rock.

Had a call today to join some friends for lunch at The Wholefood Kitchen.

“The what?”

“The Wholefood Kitchen. It’s been open 3 months.”

Reaaallly?” said the tapped in, switched on, destination: here&now girl.

So I arrive and here are the girls sitting in old school floral armchairs sipping their chai in front of a fire (not a wood burning one).


At this point I would really love to show you the pretty, old school, mixed up plates that our delicious food was served upon but I was so busy tucking in to what was on those pretty, old school, mixed up plates, I forgot.

… but this kind of sums up the whole ethos that Nykki and Leah are trying to instill
in their little cafe.

Home grown …

Home made … with lots of love.

Healthy… and inspiring. And very delicious.

Now here’s the other thing. The girls are sourcing as much of their produce as they can from (nearly) right next door. And I did know about this. I’ve got the blog post to prove it.

The Bathurst Wholefood Co-op is really going from strength to strength.

We’re very lucky to have so many people in Bathurst volunteering their time
to help make it a success.

… and without sounding corny there is a real sense of love in both these shops.

It makes shopping joyful instead of soul-less supermarketing.

So my friends, you have no excuses now. You too, can be part of the wholefood
experience happening in the arcade next to (hand over mouth mumbling) Coles.

The Bathurst Wholefood Kitchen is open Thursday and Fridays from 9-3 and Saturdays from 9-2. The Co-op is open the same days, similar times and they’ve just added Wednesday openings too. Their Facebook page is not a bad way to keep in touch with what’s happening.

I have to get out more. This is embarassing.

Painting with earth pigments at Fat Wombat Farm. Who could resist?


It was raining. But some days rain can be particularly lovely.

Especially when you’re out in your prettiest gumboots.

Searching in secret places…

Learning ancient traditions….

Painting with earth pigments that we’ve sourced and created ourselves …

Feeling like an alchemist … sieving … grinding … mixing …

… marvelling at what is possible.

Nature signs her work without thinking.

And it is perfection.

It gets me thinking. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why are we so reluctant
to say … it’s done.

Be done …

and enjoy this lovely moment … this lovely day. It is enough. More than enough.

Thankyou Deb Bardon for creating beautiful ways for the Bathurst community (and beyond) to reconnect with nature through Earth Out.  And to our lovely teacher Cate McCarthy who made us so welcome in her studio amidst the treetops. A great day girls.

Figs. The ancients had it right.

Considered takeaway. Decided against it. See the whole blog thing’s working already!

Just a word on the Bathurst Food Co-op which has opened recently on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the little arcade next to Coles. Really impressed yesterday morning with the range of produce on offer. Very fresh. Very affordable. Just wish we’d bought more figs. And try the Country Valley yoghurt…gold medal winner at the Royal Easter Show. V Delish!