When her here and now is our here and now

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that our daughter Maddy had been in India on a university textiles tour. Her experience was so special I’ve asked her permission to share some of her photos. So if you’d like to join me …. step this way …

UTS (the University of Technology in Sydney) took 10 second year fashion students
to Delhi for three weeks to see first hand the incredible skills of local artisans.
They experimented with block printing …

and dyeing techniques …

but it was the embroidery that really blew Maddy away.

And it’s easy to see why.

So beautiful.

So exquisite.

Detailed beyond belief.

Every stitch made my hand.

Maybe Madz has a bit of story teller inside her because this was the
embroidery that she chose to focus on.

It’s called Sujani and every work has its own narrative.

It describes all the simple things that make up a day to day life.

A here and now of the very highest order I’d say.

There was time out to do some shopping … how could you take 10 girls away and not!

And some exploring.

An opportunity to see the wonders of India…

And experience first hand its pressing environmental issues.

It’s a bittersweet moment to watch your little girl step out on her own.

It’s what you want.

But you can’t help but want to protect her too.

For us it’s always been a high priority to try and get the kids out into the wider world,
to encourage them to travel at every opportunity.

To realise that they are part of something much bigger…

This time round, it was lovely sitting on the sideline watching her start her own journey.

Who knows where it will take her but one thing was certain.

She was in the best of hands.

Thankyou so much for everything you shared with our girls.


Happy Hands Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation reviving Indian arts, crafts and culture. The People’s Project is an art studio-cum-residency where rural artists challenge and explore various theories of creativity.

You can buy Happy Hands products online here.

Or follow them on facebook here.


All photos: Madeleine Hogan 2012


We’re up and happening on Pinterest.

I’m still getting my head around the whole social media thing and my jury is still out on it, but for those of you who are into Pinterest, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve set up a site that showcases a lot of the photos that have appeared so far on the blog.

I’m actually really impressed with the Pinterest interface – it’s beautiful to use.

If it is your thing and you’d like to take a look: just click here.

What’s your take on social media?  Do you reckon it’s all it’s cracked up to be?


… in which she steps out into an icy morning and suffers for her art in the name of getting fit

So I decide last night the time has come. I have been spending WAY too much time
at the computer. I HAVE to lose some weight and get fit.

Just happens I pick the coldest morning of the year to start.

Yes that’s ice. Solid freakin’ ice.

A huge Bathurst frost  … all soft greens and silver …  the perfect recipe for
a little colour story.

Yes that’s me sitting in the gutter.

And me admiring the colours of the new AFL clubhouse.

And yes … me loitering around the amenities block. Yes I know it’s not green or silver
but it is turquoise.

And then this caught my eye.

As I was starting to (sniff) taste the lactic acid, I thought I’d take a closer look.

All greens and ghost gum greys …

textures where you least expect it …

Low sun. Ice crystals. A tragic jogger ….

… quietly makes her way home.

One day I’ll break a sweat.

I will.

One day.

Painting with earth pigments at Fat Wombat Farm. Who could resist?


It was raining. But some days rain can be particularly lovely.

Especially when you’re out in your prettiest gumboots.

Searching in secret places…

Learning ancient traditions….

Painting with earth pigments that we’ve sourced and created ourselves …

Feeling like an alchemist … sieving … grinding … mixing …

… marvelling at what is possible.

Nature signs her work without thinking.

And it is perfection.

It gets me thinking. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why are we so reluctant
to say … it’s done.

Be done …

and enjoy this lovely moment … this lovely day. It is enough. More than enough.

Thankyou Deb Bardon for creating beautiful ways for the Bathurst community (and beyond) to reconnect with nature through Earth Out.  And to our lovely teacher Cate McCarthy who made us so welcome in her studio amidst the treetops. A great day girls.

Don’t you just love spontaneous invitations

It would have been easy to stay at home today …. a busy morning … but then the phone rang.  Come for a walk. Come for a curry. Break the shackles…

Get out of town

I’ll ring you

We’re on our way

Don’t wait for me. I’ll catch you up…

The light is so beautiful

The colours so …

The afternoon so…


What a great here and now.

Thank you xx

Who dumped a bucket of yellow in my backyard?

It’s a beautiful singular moment in autumn.

It happens after a cold clear night. The leaves have been frosted hard and when the morning sun hits them they snap off the tree and for a good half hour or so, they drop, like kamikaze butterflies to the ground. And when they’ve finished it looks like this…

“So, honey, I was thinking of recarpeting the garden yellow.”

While I miss being close to the coast (see the previous post), I do love living in Bathurst with its four distinct seasons.

The only thing is…

This little display makes me realise which of those seasons is just around the corner.

Time to break out the passion killers!

Bathurst and a search for turquoise

I grew up on the coast

and every so often I get a yearning for salt water … salt water and turquoise.

When you live three hours from the sea, it’s not so easy to find. But it’s there…

Even if it gets a bit moody and sombre at times … it’s there

Turquoise makes me dream of exotic locations…

And camping holidays shared with old friends …

… holidays that made me see the world from a completely new perspective.

I’ve got to find me an ocean somewhere soon!

Photos taken in Keppel Street Bathurst. Thanks to The Naked Bud and Goods and Chattels for sharing your windows 🙂