I’m moving … want to come along for the ride?

For the past few weeks I’ve been burning the midnight oil, designing a new site for Destination: Here&Now.

It’s pretty gorgeous (even if I do say so myself) and I dearly hope you’ll think so too.

…and thanks to the lovely Libby at Crimson Pear it actually works!

So for the last couple of days she has been sitting quietly, finger quivering with excitement, wanting to press the button to swap to the new site, but I keep saying …

“Hang on. Hang on … change this, change that (it’s the perfectionist gene) and more importantly … I’ve got to let my wordpress.com people know that the site is moving.”

So my friends, if you’ve been enjoying this little blog over the past four months please please come see me on the other side.

The address will be www.destinationhereandnow.com

This is a really exciting step for me. I’ve been having a ball over the past four months, finding my way with this whole blogging thing. I’m not there yet by any means, but having my own site feels like I’m entering a new phase.

Thanks for all your encouragement so far.

See you on the other side? And do me a favour? Rather than subscribing via wordpress, please consider subscribing via email. I’m aiming for one post a week so I promise I won’t bother your inbox too much.

Hope to see you on the other side.



… in which she sneaks away with a dozen oysters and goes in search of a happy ending

Foreword note:  No pictures this week. You’ll thank me in a minute.

Scene 1:  A cold wintery morning in Bathurst. Husband is sad. Could be the winter blues or because he’s got a wife who’s gone blogging mad. We don’t know. He’s just sad. He leaves for work. Gives his wife a sad little grin goodbye and heads off to the farm. Tragic.

Scene 2:  Wife starts pacing the house. Can’t settle to anything. Washes up. Checks her workload. Nothing that can’t wait till tomorrow. Decides to take the day off.

Scene 3:  Wife races in and out of shops buying prosecco, oysters, fresh bread and sweets from the patisserie. Hurriedly stuffs the back of the car full of doonas and pillows. Drives to the farm, music blaring.

Scene 4:  Wife arrives at the farm. Sneaks past husband to the top of the hill. Rings him on mobile.
Wife: “Where are you?”
Husband: “In the hay shed paddock.”
Wife: “Well I’m up in that protected little spot on the top of the hill. Want to join me?”

Scene 5:  Cut to shot of husband flying at breakneck speed across bumpy paddock on tiny ancient tractor.

Scene 6:  Dissolve to shots of clouds and trees swaying in the breeze.

Scene 7:  Cut to shot of husband and wife’s children reading this post, holding their hands to their heads in a shoot-me-now-gun-like pose.

Scene 8:  Two happy souls, snuggled under doonas, talking (really talking) and cloud watching for the first time in years.

Which all leads me to ask this question…

When is the last time you truly surprised someone, let alone surprised yourself?

Try it soon.

Trust me.

I’m feeding you pearls lol.

Postcript:  Back in town later that night we went to a fundraiser for a friend. Steve was asked to draw the raffle. He pulled out a ticket. No takers. Checked his own pocket. It was his! First prize – a dozen bottles of lovely local wine. Huzzahhh!

Pulled out a second ticket. No takers. Checked his pocket. It was his … again!

He was so embarrassed he put it back in and handed the bag to someone else 🙂

The moral of the story:  If you’re looking for a happy ending maybe you’ve got to rewrite the script!

Have a great week x